Path Optimizer

intro :

Probably some professional or enthusiast have asked themselves how effectively a CNC machine interpolates the sequence of spatial points contained in a set of G-codes instructions. Intuitively, a simple linear interpolation should be enough, and for small plotter and 3D printers is so.

But for bigger machinery, forces and masses are no longer negligible quantities, thus becomes necessary to implement a proper accelerations management.

In the list of G codes, we remind the G61 and G64 (SET PATH CONTROL MODE) that allows you to set two different trajectories modes of execution: the stop mode, where the machine decelerates and stops on the target point and the constant velocity mode (motion at a constant speed).

The first mode provides complete control of the accelerations but obliges the stop at every change of direction, a big disadvantage in terms of timing, especially if we execute instructions that come from a CAM software that discretizes the curves in small segments.

The second mode, conversely reduces labor and displacement times but during sharp changes in direction often generates strong accelerations and vibrations that result in inaccurate and heterogeneous processes.

To try to keep the advantages of both methods of movement we have developed a software that can optimize the trajectories defined by a Gcode program, introducing an error (parameter) when changing direction.

If you have any doubts try the GeoGebra DEMO