NEO 1.0

If you have to drive two brushed motors with optical encoder for position control, then this board is for you!

Neo 1.0 integrates decoder, H bridges and microcontroller on the same card. All code developed so far is free, intuitive and open to changes and improvements.

The card can be interfaced directly to a computer via USB to set up and test the operating parameters .
To drive motors in syncro (ie. The robotic arm, 3D printer ...) is recommended to have another microcontroller that calculate and sends the coordinates (ie . arduino One, Two ...).

Technical spec

n°2 DC brushed motors
Feedback n°2 incremental optical encoder
Input Current <30 Amperes (each motor )
Voltage supply <24 Volts
Decoder frequency 33 MHz
Logic voltage 5 Volts
PWM frequency 20 kHz


Neo 1.0 datasheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 983.0 KB


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