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Schema Elettrico
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This electronic board named regulator Elettra, is a module for controlling a DC electric brushed motor for automotive applications.
The regulator mounts six IGBTs managed in two banks of three, piloted with two phase syncronized PWM signals with variable Duty-Cycle depending on the gas delivery, the temperature reached by the individual banks and the total current flowing in the bridge.
The power components on the board, freewheeling diodes and IGBTs, are assembled with surface mount tecnology to maximize base\heatsink thermal conductivity.
In addition, to increase the contact area between the components and the aluminium case, the drive currents circulate on the copper plates 1,5mm thick placed under the electronic board.


Maximum continuous current
200 Ampere
Maximum operational voltage
200 Volt
Diodes dissipation
< 15 Watt (each diode)*
IGBT dissipation
< 40 Watt (each IGBT)*
Overall system efficiency
Maximum total power dissipation
280 Watt*
Operational total power dissipation
170 Watt
PWM frequency
up to 20 kHz


* Duty-cycle 85 - 90%


The electronic board monitoring takes place via three temperature sensors positioned close to IGBTs and diodes, and a Hall effect sensor that detects the current at the entrance of the bridge.
Such sensors provide their data to an external micro controller, which has the task of generating the PWM signals.


  • Overcurrent protection: the current supply is limited.
  • IGBT's overtemperature:the load is distributed in such a way as to maintain the power bank at the same temperature, the pwm frequency is lowered to increase the switching efficiency, the current supply is limited.
  • Diodes overtemperature: the current supply is limited, the pwm frequency is lowered.
  • Emergency button: if the emergency button is pressed, suddenly the bridge shuts off.
  • Throttle fault detection: if the control board has detected a problem while reading the analog signal from the throttle, the bridge gradually decreases the current supply up to the motor stop.
  • Starting routine: During the power on, the electronic control checks the sensors condition for proper and safe operation.

Other features may be implemented.

PC software

With the power bridge will be developed the control unit that generates the PWM signals and monitors the sensors, and also a dedicated software.
To change the engine behaviour and the various protections or to update the firmware just start the dedicated application and connect the control unit to the PC through a USB cable.

3D Model

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