FreaKontrol, open automation


Our target is to make accessible to all the feedback control of electric motors and in the future of others actuators as voice coils, linear motors, and pneumatic or hydraulic actuators...


You will have the ability to customize and adapt the control system to your needs, without starting from scratch


In addition, your work could be a valuable contribution to reach our goal and help other people.


So let's control!

We have a new friend, say Hi to the new ABB robot arm!

CNC remastered

We took an old CNC machine and we give it new life!

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NEO 1.1 is now ready and open!!!



With an eye to costs, ease of use, while maintaining high performance, we developed a new driver board for a single brushed motor ( with feedback ).
The new architecture of Neo_1 .1 allow its use even on rover, 3D printers and many other applications ...